Residence License Agreement System

學號Student No.:
密碼ARC No.:
  1. 密碼為身份證字號(僑外學生為居留證號碼)。Password: ID number (ARC number for the International students)
  2. 僑生、外籍生如果無ARC,請輸入學號(9碼)+生日後1碼共10碼。If you don't have an ARC yet, type your student ID number(9 digits)+the last one numbers of your birthday = 10 digits in total. (e.g. Student No:309656789, birth:12/05, type:3096567895)
  3. 僑生、外籍生若是密碼無法登入,請至住服組洽詢。Overseas Chinese and International students cannot log , please go to Housing Service Division.
  4. 此合約不分宿舍別,故同學換宿舍不用重新簽約。Continuing students had already signed up the agreement the first time, no necessary to re-sign for those who are reassigned or shift to another dormitory while in residence.
  5. 同學需個別在遷入宿舍一個月內主動上網簽約確認,未於期限內簽約確認的同學將取消期限有住宿權,並不退還所繳交之宿舍費。Resident students must finish signing the agreement online within one month from the move-in date. Any resident who fails to comply with the specified instruction as mentioned above shall be treated as a cancellation and receive no refund.

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